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Inganji–Appui à la Promotion des Initiatives Locales (A.P.I.L) is a non-profit organization that helps support the promotion of human initiative by helping target communities lead a productive, meaningful and prosperous life. We believe in the power that comes from changing to a positive outlook on life and the far-reaching impact the youth of today can have with a positive mindset towards the world. Many youth groups and single-mothers are in need of such empowerment – here at Inganji–APIL it has been our mission since 2009 to support them. As of 2017, we are involved in Congo, Burundi, Uganda and Canada. Inganji–APIL was founded and sustained by the dedicated members listed below.

Célestin Kayonga

Célestin Kayonga


My passion is to work collectively with the aim of impacting lives of others in communities that are in need of this change. Through Inganji – APIL the community empowerment would lead into a better place we all dream of

Alexis Mpfukamiyimana

Alexis Mpfukamiyimana


A husband and father, I strive to serve communities by helping and giving to them when it is necessary. I believe in continuously working in causes I am passionate about and in the power of charity – especially when it comes to communities. I strongly believe that over time, our small efforts can contribute to dramatic large-scale improvement.

Ella-Monia Irakoze

Ella-Monia Irakoze


In a world where you can be anything, I choose to be kind; I believe a single act of kindness is like throwing out roots in all directions with the potential of those roots springing up and blossoming into new trees.

Deo-Thomas Nyeshahu

Deo-Thomas Nyeshahu

Managing Director

As a community officer, I believe you can find the goodness and vitality of life in each moment, regardless of what you are passing through. One person is like a huge forest full of potential and wonderous initiatives that can sprout forth – I believe we should nurture those intuitions we have within us and allow them to manifest into the world.

Please contact us if you have any questions or visit us here if you would like to donate.

Our Current Projects

Project #1:
Supervision of young people in the Nakivali IDP camps in Mbarara, Uganda

After seeing the delinquency in which the young people in distress were engaged, we decided to put them together to expand their scope of knowledge to encompass productive and useful skills that benefit their immediate environment. This includes our support in the creative hands on manufacturing of unique items and good

Project #2:
We initiated the supervision of single mothers in Kampala

Small business was at the origin of the creation of a tontine called IKIMINA. In one year 25 women each received a dividend of 250,000 UGX (Ugandan shilling) for their family. This has helped them cover essential costs such as education costs for their offspring.

Project #3:

Supervision of immigrants in Canada

In the province of Ontario in Canada, we are present in the supervision of immigrants – in particular, young adults of francophone origin. We are a member of the MREF and the AFO which excel in Ontario’s Francophonie.


In 2019, Inganji-Apil hosted in Toronto, a fundraising event to raise capital in hopes of supporting Burundian youth refugees in Uganda. Our mission is to boost their entrepreneurial skills through the adoption of duck farming and capacity building

Project #4:

Orphanage and Single-Mother Support in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

In DRC, we are managing a site which has got its own infrastructure and operations which allows for the full-care of orphans.

Project #5:

Single-Mother Empowerment Groups in Cibitoke, Burundi

It is common for single-mothers to struggle overcoming stigmas related to the shame of being a single-mother. Consequently, these stigmas and other barriers they experience increase their likelihood of turning to prostitution. In Inganji-Burundi we assist these single-mothers in becoming self-reliant and meeting their own needs. Currently we have assisted 16 single-mothers become more affirmative and empowered in their society through our site.


We accept donations from supporters and well wishers that want to financially assist our organization and its cause – let’s make a difference. You can donate in one of two ways listed below:

Option 1:
You can send an Email Money Transfer (EMT) to

Option 2:
Donate using a Credit Card by using the button below:

To learn more about our activities or to get involved with volunteering and sponsorship opportunities, feel free to contact us using the form below, and we will get back to you very soon. Thank you for your continued support!

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